Social Responsibility

Innoways Ltd. realized that environmental pollutions are very critical and important in today’s world - especially the impact on the earth’s ecosystems to sustainable level. As a responsible corporate citizen and as a proactive company, SiiA Group is very conscious of the impact our activities may have on the environment. We recognize that we do have the responsibilities to our customers, employees, business partners, suppliers and to the communities to strive to reduce the pollution and effect of wasting any kinds of material. Innoways endorses the principles of Reduce and in its approach to the consumption of materials. We collect used paper in our recycle box, and encourage our colleagues to recycling paper. We also collect and send all the reusable appliances such as plastic waste material, bottles and cans to environmental organizations for recycling.
Health & Safety
Innoways Ltd. realizes that our employees and the support of our customers, suppliers and business partners are the reasons to make our business success. Thus Innoways provides a variety of services directly to the public and protecting the welfare of our customers is our first priority, also, guiding principle is that safety is a key indicator of organizational excellence. In order to provide a healthy and safe working environment to our employees, Innoways considers ‘Health and safety” as its principal element. SiiA Group holds safety as our social responsibility. We apply appropriate health and safety policies to educate our employees and to promote its influences to the public. Innoways’ health and safety policies are kept constantly under review and updated as our businesses development. We encourage our staffs to set higher standards for their working performance, and to ensure they are aware of health and safety practices